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Check out some great things to do in Latvia!

Hiking Along The Baltic Sea

Coastal hiking is certainly one of the best things to do in Latvia. Latvia has the longest (ca. 500 km long) and most diverse seaside from all three Baltic states. Hence you will find gorgeous beach here that is largely secluded and gives a sense of deep tranquility. Our sea shore is protected from wide development. Thus it is mostly covered by forests. There is also a set of unique protected areas of EU importance (Natura2000 sites) along the sea. They are all open for you to explore. Hiking on the beach during the spring's and autumn's bird migration periods will also give you great opportunity for bird-watching. We will suggest you the best timing, routes and accommodation. We will also accompany you on your adventures with a very special Improv-travel approach.

Hiking In Bogs

Bogs in Latvia cover more than 10% of our area. Most of the bogs are protected as the areas of EU importance (Natura2000 sites). The biggest ones are really impressive so called raised bogs. Well preserved and diverse habitats with abundant biodiversity make our bogs very appealing for nature lovers. You can opt for easier walk on established wooden boardwalks. Or you can try more challenging hikes in bog shoes or without them in wetter areas.

Ultimate Kayaking & Canoeing Experience

KAYAKING/CANOEING IN RIVERS & LAKES Latvia is rich with rivers and lakes. Thus it ideal place for kayaking and canoeing activities. You can go downstream in the big rivers with gorgeous landscapes. You can also choose smaller rivers full of wilderness. Off-then beaten path kayaking trip in a cascade of several lakes in the eastern part of Latvia (Latgale) is unforgettable. This part of Latvia is also called "the land of blue lakes". KAYAKING IN RIGA Have you considered kayaking in a big city. Well, it is possible in our capital city Riga. You can explore the channel of Riga, Daugava River and its surroundings in a kayak. Doing that during dark hours will add a special appeal to our city. In a kayak or even SUP you will see Riga from a different perspective. Riga is a green city rich with protected nature areas. You can explore some of them them by a kayak. You can also go to Riga harbor. Kayaking among the huge ships is an unrepeatable experience. SEA KAYAKING Sea kayaks are becoming more and more popular in Latvia. Hence it is a great way to explore beautiful seashore of the Baltic Sea and Riga Bay. Although more physically demanding and weather prone than kayaking in the rivers or lakes, it is an exciting activity. We arrange the boat trips along Latvian shore line and in Estonian islands. All these trips will provide you with outstanding experiences on our waters. We can plan one or multiple days' boat trips. You can also choose spending nights in campsites under stars fully immersed in our unique nature. Kayaking & canoeing is definitely one of the best things to do in Latvia. Latvians also do it a lot.

Explore More On A Bike

Cycling or biking is also a great option for things to do in Latvia. There are many of cycling and MTB routes you can try out in Latvia. Diverse coastline of Latvia is a great option for cycling enthusiasts. Thus cycling along the sea side is a great and sometimes also challenging experience. Latvian coastline offers beautiful sandy beaches. Cycling trails are on the forest roads leading through the forested dunes. There are also beautiful cycling routes on forest nature trails in Gauja National Park and in other nature areas. We arrange single or multiple days' cycling tours in Latvian countryside. Just let us know what you want!

Spot The Rare Species In Our Bird Watching Tours

During the spring's and autumn's migration periods (April-May and August-October) Latvia is certainly one of the best locations for bird watching in Europe. There are around 365 bird species recorded in Latvia. We are on the route of bird migration. Good bird watching sites are Kolka, Engure Lake, Pape Lake and Lubāna Wetland. These have large numbers of migratory species. We will arrange a bird watching tours for bird lovers and bird watching enthusiasts in any of these places.

Capture The Most Amazing Nature Photos

We are passionate nature photographers. Therefore we welcome you to take part in this activity in Latvia. We organize photography tours in the wildest nature corners of our country.

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