Gauja National Park Full-Day Trip: Enjoy True "Forest Bathing" & Cēsis Town

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Gauja National Park: Enjoy "Forest Bathing", Explore The Most Beautiful Nature Trails & Cesis Town In One Trip

This a perfect place to enjoy "forest bathing". It's "bathing" in the forest atmosphere and taking in the forest through your senses at its fullest. - Enjoy the most gorgeous forest hiking trails in the famous Gauja National Park; - Visit Cēsis Town and its famous medieval castle; - Discover some of the most impressive sandstone cliffs in Europe; - Soak-up nature at its purest. Cēsis and its surroundings are one of the most beautiful places to visit in Latvia. You get to know a lot a bout Latvian nature, culture and history and will go some off-the-beaten-path as well.


Gauja National Park, Famous Cesis Town

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Trip Itinerary

We’ll pick you up from your hotel at 8:00 a.m. in Riga and will bring you to the most beautiful nature trails of Gauja National Park near Cesis Town (ca. 2 hours on the way). Be ready for around 10-12 km on your feet in a hilly terrain during this unforgettable day.
Unforgettable Hiking in Gauja National Park
You’ll start your adventure with a ca. 8 km hike to explore the most beautiful nature trail leading to the awesome forest and rocky slopes of Gauja River Valley. You will enjoy “forest bathing” in the unique forests of Gauja National Park at its fullest. Some of the gorgeous nature trails in Gauja National Park are well hidden in the the wilderness. We’ll bring you there. Our Improv-travel guide will help you to get the utmost from this trip.
Cesis Town
After the inspiring hike in nature, it is time to have lunch and check out one of the most beautiful towns in Latvia – Cesis. Its history dates back in 13th century and it is almost as old as Riga. Cesis is also contemporary Latvian cultural centre. You’ll have time to visit famous Cesis Castle, walk around the cosy old town, see its beautiful squares, St. John’s Church (built in 13th century), The House of Harmony, House of Princesses and other sigh-seeings. You’ll feel the charm and atmosphere of a real Latvian town that is very different from more cosmopolitan Riga. Cesis is often considered the very heart of both Latvia and Gauja National Park.
Visit Awesome Gauja River
Time to visit and walk along the beautiful riverbanks of the longest river in Latvia – Gauja. You’ll see the largest white sandstone cliff in Latvia (Sietiņiezis) and admire some of the most stunning natural landscapes of Gauja National Park. You will also soak up the atmosphere of different forest here: it called Western Taiga – pure pine forest.
Transfer back to Riga
At the end of this gorgeous day we’ll bring you back from Gauja National Park to your hotel in Riga.

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One person
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Entry fee in Cesis Castle
2 People
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Cesis Castle
3 People
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Cesis Castle
4 - 8 People
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Turaida Museum Reserve
Max 7 plus at least 1 adult
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Cesis Castle

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What's Included

What's Included: - Transfer from/to your hotel in Riga - Professional Eco-tour leader - Improv-travel tour (for 2 people and more) - Entry fee in Cesis Castle

What's Not Included

What's not included: - Food and drinks - Insurance - Any other items not mentioned as included above

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  • Lunch in Cesis Town is NOT INCLUDED and costs around 8-20 EUR (depending on the restaurant)
  • Take your daily snacks and drinks with you
  • Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for different weather conditions
  • All our tours are small like-minded group adventures
  • All tours are narrated in English, Russian and Latvian. Yet we can also arrange French and Italian translation at additional cost. Please indicate your preferred language in your booking
  • Adult is 14 years and older
  • There are max. 8 people and max. 7 children in the group. All the children must be accompanied with at least 1 adult
  • For the groups with small children (under 7 years) please contact us for individual arrangement
  • If the group size exceeds the one you have paid for, the price difference

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DISCLAIMER: Hiking trails to be visited and actions to be taken may vary from tour to tour depending on the season, weather conditions, the availability of the attractions and our expanding creativity. We try to provide our guests with original experiences that may differ from the previous ones. We will inform you about availability of the standard attractions before your trip. If necessary, we always substitute actions with the same kind or similar actions, taking into account our guests’ wishes. We try to avoid mass tourism sports and peak timings as much as possible to provide our guests with the most authentic experiences possible.

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