Experience Unique Latvian Sauna Ritual

Clean Your Body And Spirit: Experience Unique Latvian Sauna Ritual

From 130 EUR/adult
3 - 5 Hours 1 - 4 People Transfer

Relax deeply and purify your body and soul in Latvian Sauna Ritual

Take part in the most purifying and mystic ancient Latvian tradition: Latvian Sauna Ritual. Come with open heart and experience something truly special. Get connected with nature and relax your body and mind. Immerse yourself in ancient Baltic wisdom rooted in out deep connection with nature.

Licensed sauna master "Pirtnieks"

Conducted by a professional/licenced sauna master called "Pirtnieks" in Latvian

Hotel Pickup & Drop-off

Free local transfer from/to Riga

What to expect?

We’ll pick you up from your hotel in Riga. Latvian Sauna Ritual can be taken in the morning or in the evening up to your choice. It is important that you give yourself time after the sauna to relax and fully enjoy its benefits
We’ll arrive in sauna and you’ll have time to prepare yourself for for this amazing experience. Sauna master will serve you herbal tea that will help you to soak up the power of nature and will help you to relax. “Pirtnieks” will explain the procedure for you. The purpose of Latvian sauna extends beyond just washing the body. The wisdom of our ancestors will help you to escape the cares and troubles of everyday life, release the stress, and revive the spirit. Please, note that you are not allowed to use alcohol or any other drugs before or during the ritual. Now you’re be ready to start.
The Process Of Latvian Sauna Ritual
In Latvia, we go into the so-called wet sauna. The water is poured over hot stones to produce vapor and make the air humid. The perfect temperature is 86 degrees Celsius (187 degrees F). Yet the beginners usually start at lower temperatures. Every sauna master “Pirtnieks” has it own special secrets for Latvian Sauna Ritual. Yet the essential parts are the same. You will go to sauna three times. After heating up in the sauna you will cool down rapidly in a cold pond, a pool or shower. The sudden contrast between the hot and cold stimulates the blood vessels, strengthens the body, and improves skin’s elasticity. Latvian Sauna Ritual also includes swatting with switches. They are made of the twigs taken from a number of trees. The most common are birch (universal), oak (for men), linden (for women) as well as hazel and juniper twig switches. Masters adds a variety of other plants to their swatting bunches, providing healing properties, scents, and energy. Swatting with switches is both a massage and aromatherapy. It also helps getting rid of the dead skin cells. If you wish the sauna ritual can be supplemented with beauty treatments, such as body scrubs or facial masks made out of clay and honey (subject to availability and agreement with the sauna master). You will have time to relax in between each heating round. Depending on the place an availability after the last heating round, the sauna master will hold you and will help you to lay down in the water. This leads to full relaxation and people often experience an expansion of cautiousness and deep bliss. Each experience is different and it is impossible to describe it in words. Hence you have to try it to know how deep and beautiful it really is for YOU.
After the sauna ritual, you’ll take you time to relax and enjoy the lightness of your body and spirit that mother nature gives you through this experience. Here you have a chnce to stop you mind and just be. Happy and non-distracted.
Transfer back to hotel
We’ll bring you back to your hotel or, depending on your choice and sauna place, you’ll be able to stay there overnight (subject to availability)
Some post-experience advice
Please do not plan any strenuous activities, heavy meals or alcohol on the same day after the ritual. The ritual also has also a very strong detox effect, both physical and spiritual. Hence you may feel different than usually in the coming days. You may have reduced appetite, light diarrhea or other mild side symptoms. Yet your body and soul stabilizes in a couple of days. Usually, people do not experience any side effects at all.
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Pricing Chart

3 - 4 Hours Expierience
1 person individual sauna ritual
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Latvian Sauna Ritual
  • Services of sauna master "Pirnieks"
  • Herbal Tea
  • Towels
4 - 5 Hours Experience
For 2 - 4 People
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Latvian Sauna Ritual
  • Services of sauna master "Pirnieks"
  • Herbal Tea
  • Towels

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What's Included

- Transfer from/to your hotel in Riga - Latvian Sauna Ritual - Services of sauna master "Pirtnieks" - Herbal Tea - Towels for use during the sauna ritual

What's Not Included

- Insurance - Any other items not mentioned as included above

Important Before You Go!

  • By booking this experience you agree with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please read them carefully before booking
  • By booking the Latvian Sauna ritual with “i-Dā” Adventures (hereinafter referred as us or we) you confirm that you do not have any health and/or heath tolerance problems that may prevent you from going into the sauna, such as (but not only) heart problems, sexually transmitted diseases and/or cancer

  • You must be 16 (sixteen) years or older to qualify for this experience. For persons younger than 18 (eighteen) a written consent of at least one parent or other legal representative is necessary to qualify for this experience

  • It is strictly prohibited to use alcohol or any other drugs before and during the sauna ritual. We also highly recommend to avoid using such substances on the day after the ritual to enjoy its benefits fully

  • By booking the tour you are obliged to inform us about any possible health or other issues like problems with health tolerance that may interfere with sauna ritual. We reserve the right to refuse/cancel any booking based on this and/or any other relevant information that we receive with your booking or right before your sauna ritual

  • In case we cancel your sauna ritual based on the information provided in your booking you will receive a full refund. In case we have to cancel the sauna ritual because of your health problems occurred before the sauna ritual we reserve the right to charge you fully or partially for the service

  • Our sauna masters will carefully lead and take care of you during the whole sauna ritual procedure. However, you should address your health issues with the highest responsibility

  • We and our subcontractors and sauna masters do not take any liability for any health problem you may face during or after the sauna ritual. Yet we’ll do the utmost to help and to consult you in the unlikely circumstance if such a problem occurs

  • Sauna master has the right to terminate sauna procedure at any moment should she/he considers it necessary based on medical or safety reasons. Well-being and safety of our clients is our top priority

  • If case sauna ritual is terminated because of your health problem or any inappropriate behavior like using alcohol or other drugs or disturbance of other participants your payments will not be refunded

  • Latvian Sauna ritual is a very intimate process for each participant. Thus please respectful to yourself and others and you’ll experience probably some of the most beautiful moments in your life

  • Note that to get the full benefits we recommend you to go into Latvian sauna naked. If for any reason it is not acceptable to you, you may use natural materials to cover the most intimate parts of your body like linen or cotton towel. We’ll provide towels for you. Yet you should not go into the sauna in anything synthetic like swimming suits

  • In case other people and you agree with sharing this experience with each other, the price difference per person will be reimbursed. IN any case the maximum number of people in one sauna ritual may not exceed 4 people

  • Experience is narrated in English, Russian and Latvian 

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