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8 Reasons To Choose Your Personal Trip Planner

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1. It's a game changer that helps designing unique travel adventures

We'll prepare a personalized adventure travel plan just for YOU. We are neither a travel agency nor an automated online travel planner. We are experienced travelers, guides and ecotourism experts. We will be your best assistants in finding unique and authentic travel experiences because: - We love what we do; - We are doing this professionally and frequently; - We are keen travelers ourselves; - We value your satisfaction.

2. We save Your Time & Money

We'll free you from all travel planning hassle. We'll prepare a personalized travel plan just for you in a couple of days. We are independent travel consultants. We don't get any commission from travel service providers. You'll pay only for independent consultancy. We'll find the "best value for money" travel services that fit your needs and your budget. All you have to do is to tell us your preferences. We'll do the rest of you hard planning work.

3. We follow Your Passions

We know you have your own interests, passions, things you prefer to do and not to do. We'll prepare the best possible trip just for you. We listen to what you have to say and we encourage you to visit new places and try new things. In the end, it is all your choice though.

4. We help you to discover new authentic places to visit and things to do

We love nature and we know that there is nothing in the world that charges and brings you back to your roots better than pristine nature. Our "trip planner" approach will "pull" you out from the urban environment and bring you to nature and authentic traditions. We will find the most reliable and safe ways to help you to see and experience more. Get out of the box and discover new once in a life time experiences with us!

We sort out all the Travel Essentials for You

We'll plan all the key travel essentials for you including: - Travel destinations, - Time and budget planning, - Finding the best value for money services: the best places to stay and the best local tours, - The best flights and local transport options, - "Know before you go" things, - Deciding what to pack.

We suggest only the very best rated services

Our personal "trip planner" approach carefully selects all the service providers before we suggest them to you in your travel plan. Travel service providers must be top-ranked in reputable online review sites (like Tripadvisor, Booking.com etc.) Note - Lots of good local service providers might not have attention they deserve yet. We may recommend you to check them out as good authentic alternatives.

We'll bring you off-the-beaten-path

We focus on ecotourism destinations, nature and outdoor adventures. We believe that it is the future of travel. We'll bring you away from mass tourism spots as much as possible so you can have the most authentic and refreshing travel experiences.

Sustainable travel

We care about nature and the environment and we help keeping local traditions alive. We carefully screen for and give priority to local and sustainable green travel services that are reliable and safe. Leaving only positive impact while traveling is what we aim at. Thus, care for environment, conservation of biodiversity, respect for local traditions combined with your safety and satisfaction are all our priorities.

6 things to think about before your trip

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Tell us if you would like to go hiking, biking, kayaking/canoeing, diving, wildlife spotting and photography or to any other outdoor adventures. We'll prepare a well balanced inquiry according to your wishes.

Number And Age Of Travelers

How big is your group? Do you want a private trip or you would prefer/agree to share your adventures with other like-minded travelers?

Any "Must See Places" and "Must Do Things"?

Do you like cities, towns, culture, traditions, food tours, spending time on a beach? Tell us more about your preferences other than outdoor activities. We'll prepare a well balanced inquiry according to your wishes.

Your Places To Stay

Tell us if you prefer and or agree to stay in hotels, hostels, local guesthouses or to do camping. We always suggest choosing local, authentic and unique places to stay instead of chain hotels.

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