About Us

About Us

Our Story

I founded “i-Dā” Adventures with a vision of new revolutionary type of travel company. “i-Dā” comes from Latvian “aidā”. It means enthusiastic “let’s go”. English “i” emphasizes the individual approach. At the same time, it refers to the far-reaching global goals of the company by using the benefits of modern digital technologies.

I am a travel enthusiast, adventurer, nature conservation professional, and passionate improviser and improvisation coach. Hence I have decided to combine all these seemingly different elements into one well functioning and amazing mechanism.

I have had many off-the-beaten and also beaten path trips. Thus I have come to a personal realization that nowadays people are more often looking for original and most importantly authentic experiences. I am convinced that this closely relates to the overall evolution of humanity. We are in a continuous search for our individuality and authenticity in everything around us and in everything we do.

People not only want to “go places, do things and meet people”. In our globalized world, people want to go to authentic places, do eye-opening things and meet like-minded people.

I deeply believe that all kinds of travel must contribute to our natural temptation for freedom. And by freedom, I mean both: freedom on a personal and also on a wider social level.

As a biologist and convinced conservationist, I strongly share the vision of sustainable tourism. I see responsible and nature-friendly travel being one of the most convincing tools for raising public awareness about nature conservation and environmental issues on local, regional, and global levels. These are the principles that we also follow in all our services.

To support these ideas I also run a blog site ESCAPERIES, where I share authentic escape travel stories. They are meant to inspire you, to help you to discover new special and authentic places, see eye opening things and meet like-minded people. Visit this site at www.escaperies.com!”

Rolands Ratfelders
“i-Dā” Adventures founder

Our Mission

“i-Dā” is an off-the-beaten-path travel and eco-tourism consultancy and management company based in Latvia. Our main aim is to help people reconnect with nature. We value the principles of sustainable tourism and truly believe that individual and small like-minded group adventures are the best travel experiences and the future of travel.

Our mission is to provide travel experiences that are authentic and reveal the best of the local nature and traditions. We invite you to find your own off-the-beaten-path with us!

We believe that travel becomes less about tourism and more about authentic experiences. We follow the same principles while working both with travelers and eco-tourism developers. We are a travel company that helps you to write your own travel story.

We believe that any travel experience should contribute to better understanding among people with different cultural backgrounds. Travel is also the best way to break prejudices and barriers to communication. Therefore we invite YOU to go to authentic places, do eye-opening things and meet like-minded people. We invite you to choose sustainable travel services with respect to the local nature values, culture, and traditions.


Latvia is the place where we have born, where we live, the place that we love and admire. It is a place that is friendly and welcoming and unique in its nature, history, and culture. Our country is a unique combination of unspoiled nature, cultural legacy, and deeply rooted Baltic traditions, taking part in which will make your journey into a “once in a lifetime” experience.

Our mission is to ensure that you get the best and most authentic experiences while visiting Latvia.

We like telling stories. And We also like listening to YOUR stories. You can be sure to get interesting stories while traveling with us. Moreover, you can read our escape travel stories on our blog site www.escaperies.com.

We also believe that YOU can tell your own story with the same passion about any place on the Earth, wherever you are coming from.

As with our original improvisation approach, your travel adventure will be unique. We will help you to recharge both mentally and physically. If traveling in a group, this approach will help you to get in contact with your group mates much faster and you might get new like-minded friends for a lifetime.

With our help, you will gain deep insight into the Baltic nature and ancient culture that is closely related to living in accordance with nature.

We are all about authentic sustainable experiences and quality time spent in nature and we like what we do.

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