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"i-Dā" comes from Latvian "aidā". It means enthusiastic "let's go" or "I'm going! Are you with me?". This is what "i-Dā" Adventures is in the very essence. Do you love nature and spending time outdoors? We're like you then, and you’ve come to the right place. Nature refreshes our mind, body and spirit. It relaxes, heals and lets us feel charged like nothing else. Latvia is a unique place to experience nature and you've deserved to see and experience the very best. We’re here to help you to explore our best kept secrets: pristine nature and unique culture. Here you are just one step away from a green and worry-free nature adventure. Rolands Ratfelders (Founder of "i-Dā" Adventures)

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Passion for authentic and green experiences

20 years of experience in working in and with nature

Unique Improv-travel approach. It is fun and engaging!


Best rated nature travel adventures

Personal & unique travel planning

First-hand local knowledge

Professional nature guides

Our Tours & Other Experiences

We offer convenient one-day tours and other experiences or will help you to design your own adventure

5 Hours

Unique Riga Hiking Adventure

Explore Greenest And Wildest Part Of Riga

Latvia Travel idaadventures
6 Hours

Ķemeri National Park: Half-Day Trip

Explore unique Latvian wetlands and pristine nature not far from Riga

Latvian Sauna Ritual _ idaadventures _ Escaperies
8 Hours

Experience Unique Latvian Sauna Ritual

Clean you body and spirit in the most eye opening Latvian tradition

Sabile town and Abava river_ Latvia _ Escaperies _ i-Da Adventures

The Pearl of Courland Kayaking Trip

Best of Abava River Valley and Historic Towns in Western Latvia

Latvia travel kayaking in Gauja River idaadventures
8 Hours

Best Of Gauja National Park

Discover the best of the most beautiful national park in Latvia in one day

Latvia travel Piejura hiking idaadventures
5 Hours

Four Coastal Ecosystems' Hike

Soak-up pristine Latvian nature in a half-day hike not far from Riga

Latvia travel _ one day kayaking tour _ idaadventures
8 Hours

Gauja River Valley Kayaking Trip

Admire 350 million years old sandstone cliffs and dense forests

12 Hours

Most Scenic Coastal Day Trip

Discover best of pristine Latvian nature In Slitere National Park

Gauja National Park _ Most Beautiful Hiking Trail _ idaadventures _ escaperies
10 Hours

"Forest Bathing" & Cēsis Town

Most beautiful nature trails of Gauja National Park and Cēsis Town In One Day


What our guests think about us?

Here's What You Get From Us!

Personal new experiences

Individual approach and true engagement is our golden rule. No big buses. No crowds. Just personal tours, very small groups or custom made individual travel plans.

Professional nature guides

We're fluent (not just good) in English. Our guests love to say our nature guides are like "easy going encyclopedias". Do you value open, friendly and natural communication? Here it is!

Feel safe & welcomed!

Did you know that Latvia is one of the safest places in the world? Latvians are also probably some of the least pushy people you will ever meet. We combine Northern peace with Southern warmth here. So you are always welcomed.

See a lot in just 1 day!

Join our local guided trips and we'll take care of your transfers. Or just ask us for the must convenient travel plan! By the way, you can get almost anywhere from Riga and back within 1 day only. Yet, we certainly recommend staying longer!

Weather resistant tours

There is no bad weather. There is only inappropriate clothing. We'll make you nature adventure unforgettable no matter what the weather is.

What's improv-travel?

We use some exciting improvisation elements to make your travel experience very special (it's optional). Try it with us!

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Why Latvia Can Be Your Ultimate Nature Travel Experience?

Nature Tours in Latvia: A Unique Experience For Nature Lovers

Are you tired of urban environment behind your window? Are you looking for an escape travel and connection with pristine nature? Our best rated nature tours in Latvia might be exactly what you need. Latvia is a great choice for anyone who likes nature travel. We have come up with a unique combination of innovative, fun and worry-free travel experiences: best rated one day nature tours in Latvia and longer adventures in our pristine nature.

From Riga To Latvia

Combine your business or leisure trip in Riga with fun and engaging nature tours in Latvia! Real Latvia starts outside Riga!

Discover Unique Improv-Travel For Small Groups

Go places, meet new like-minded people and enjoy pristine nature at the same time! We are raising small group travel to a new dimension. As with our original Improv-travel approach our nature tours in Latvia are not just tours. They provide unique experiences with your travel mates that is not pushing or tiring in any way. We will help you to recharge mentally and physically. Get off your beaten track with us!

Latvia Is Easily Accessable & Affordable

Latvia and other Baltic States are European Union countries and we are in Schengen Area. It is also one of the safest places to go in the world. This makes traveling here a breeze. Can't decide between traveling to Scandinavia or Baltic States? Both are great neighboring destinations worth visiting. Yet YOU WILL SPEND AT LEAST 40% LESS while traveling in the Baltic States compared to Scandinavia!

Discover Unique Nature & Cultural Heritage

Latvian culture is strongly bound to nature, which is, probably, why we can be proud to be called one of the greenest countries in the world. Discover vast sandy beaches, deep forests, pristine bogs and numerous lakes and rivers! We still have nature values that have been lost in other parts of the modern Europe decades ago! Nature tours in Latvia are the best way to discover our nature and cultural heritage.

Explore Our Lakes & Rivers

Many of our 3,000 pristine lakes and 12,000 rivers is a perfect place for kayaking, canoeing and other activities on open waters. You can even get on a kayak in Riga and explore our cozy urban environment and industrial part of the harbor from a very unique perspective. If you are brave enough, you can also try kayaking in the Baltic sea and Riga bay.

One Of The Best Places For Coastal Hiking In Europe

There are altogether 500 kilometers of stunning Baltic Sea coast in Latvia. It is is a great destination for coastal hiking. Yet, that's not it. You can go hiking in our pristine wood-lands and bog-lands. More than 55% of Latvia is covered by forests and around 12% are unique wetlands.

Bike Off-The-Beaten-Path

Latvia with it's overall flat and in some places slightly hilly terrain is perfect for not too strenuous biking. Choose a mountain bike for an adventurous ride in our forests and on the beach or the vintage Erenpreis bike for relaxing ride in a town!


During the spring and autumn migration periods (April-May and September-October) Latvia is a paradise for birdwatchers. We have several excellent sports of high migratory bird species' density. Such areas are Pape Lake, Kolka Cape, Engure Lake and others. Bird watching towers are set-up in all these places, thus making bird watching a pleasure.

Take Part In Unique Latvian Traditions

Get immersed in Baltic traditions. You won't find anything alike anywhere else in the world! Celebrate Summer solstice on 23-24 June! Try ancient Latvian sauna ritual and get cleaned both physically and mentally! Visit Latvia during our unique UNESCO recognised Song and Dance Festival held only once in every five years!

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