3 Days: Self-Guided Coastal Hiking Trip & Liepāja City

3 Days: Self-Guided Baltic Coastal Hiking Trip

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Trip highlights

  • Discover the Western Baltic Sea coast – the most beautiful part of the famous Baltic Coastal Hiking Trail in Latvia;
  • Soak up the sun in the secluded sandy beaches of the open Baltic Sea;
  • Immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of the local fishermen village Pāvilosta;
  • Admire the unique steep Baltic Coast near Jūrkalne;
  • Find out more about the unique and rare coastal habitat of “Grey Dunes”;
  • Feel the fresh air of the Baltic Sea and pristine coastal pine forests;
  • Enjoy wilderness far away from crowds and masses;
  • Explore the unique Latvian city “where the wind is born” – Liepāja.

Baltic Coastal Hiking Trail, Pāvilosta, Jūrkalne, Liepāja

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Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Pick-up
Take a good breakfast, pack your lunch box and meet your guide at your hotel in Riga in the morning. Get ready for about three hours’ drive to the wild Western Latvian Coast. No worries there will be a couple of coffee breaks on the way.
Day 1: Self-Guided Hike On The Baltic Coastal Trail
Start your first hiking day in one of the most beautiful hiking sections on the Baltic Coastal Hiking Trail. Enjoy secluded beaches and stunning steep Baltic Sea coast overgrown with pristine pine forests. Explore the former military areas of the western Soviet border. See some of the most impressive “Grey Dune” habitats in Europe. Challenge yourself on some sections of stony beaches on your way. Have a refreshing dip (or several) in the Baltic Sea. You will spend 4 – 7 hours on your way today (depending on the distance you will choose to hike) but all time is yours. Your guide will meet you at the finish regardless of the time you need. Depending on your skill level you can choose a relaxing 12 km (7,5 miles) distance or a more serious 25 km (15.5 miles) distance today. Your guide will provide you will all the necessary instructions and will keep in touch with you.
Day 1 & 2: Pāvilosta & Jūrkalne: Probably the Coziest Fishermen Villages in Baltics
Spend your night and have a well-deserved rest in the awesome Pāvilosta Town or Jūrkalne Village. These two being original local fishing villages are among the most beautiful and the coziest places to stay on the western coast of Latvia. Pāviosta is a small town with an excellent beach, a wide selection of accommodations, and several good restaurant options available on any taste and budget. Jūrkalne is an even smaller village being famous with its stunning views of the steep Baltic Sea Coast with a possibility to have even TWO (!) sunsets at once: one on the beach and the second one a bit later on the top of the steep coast. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?
Day 2: Self-Guided Hike On The Baltic Coastal Trail: Day 2
Have a good breakfast, pack your lunch box get prepared for another awesome hiking day in another beautiful hiking section on the Baltic Coastal Hiking Trail. Continue enjoying secluded beaches with almost no one else around except you and the sea birds.  Enjoy your time and fresh air during another 20 km (12,5 miles) hiking day by walking and taking advantage of sun-basking and swimming on your way. Explore the biggest grey dune habitat in Europe – “Pāvilosta Grey Dune” on your way. You will spend around 6 hours on your way today but all time is yours. Your guide will meet you at the finish regardless of the time you need. Your guide will provide you with all the necessary instructions and will keep in touch with you.
Day 2 & 3: Liepāja: The City Where The “Wind Is Born”
Get transferred to the amazing Liepāja City – a place worth visiting on its own. Spend a night and next day here. Enjoy the city with one of the widest and most beautiful beaches in Latvia with white sand that feels like silk on your skin. We call Liepāja the city, where “the wind is born” and not without a reason. It can be pretty windy but there is so much to see and do that you won’t even notice that. There are plenty of reasons you will want to stay in Liepāja for longer. It is a cozy place with a charming historical center, large and green Liepāja Seaside Park, and the beach not to be missed. Enjoy a delicious meal in one of the cozy restaurants on the Trade Channel of Liepāja. Have a lazy evening or join some party in Juliāna Square or even better – enjoy dinner and a cold beer right on the beach. Witness unforgettable sunset and maybe (if it’s warm enough) have an evening dip in the Baltic Sea. The next day (depending on your preferences) visit amazing Northern Forts, explore more of the city, visit famous Karaosta with its spooky military prison or go to the tranquil Bernāti Beach to the South from Liepāja.
Day 3: Transfer back to Riga
Filled with a pack of new impressions and emotions get back to Riga (or stay in Liepāja City to explore it a couple of more days if you wish.
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