Most Scenic Coastal Day Trip In Slitere National Park

Most Scenic Coastal Day Trip In Slitere National Park

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Slītere National Park & Cape Kolka - A Place Where Nature Is Still Stronger Than Human

Slitere National Park is still less known to foreign travelers because it's a well kept secret. This is one of the best and most scenic coastal hiking places in Latvia. You'll explore gorgeous wild beaches, dense forests and traditional Liivs' fishing villages - all in one unforgettable hike. Claim up Šlītere Lighthouse to have a look on vast ancient forests from above! Enjoy scenic Kolka Cape - a unique place where the open Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga meet. It's a perfect trip in Latvia for those who love nature, sea and traditions. Trust us! It's worth much more the 10 - 12 hours you spend for this one day tour...

Nature Landmarks

Mazirbe, Slītere National Park, Blue Hills, Šlītere Lighthouse, Kolka Cape

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Trip Itinerary

We’ll pick you up from your hotel from 7:00 till 7:40 a.m. in Riga. We’ll spent around 2.5 hours on our way to Mazirbe in Slitere National Park
Hiking In Slitere National Park
We’ll start your adventure in Mazirbe village and will explore gorgeous sandy beaches, dense pine forests and several small Liivs’ fishing villages in Slitere National Park. Liivs are one of the smallest nations in the world. There are only about 250 Liivs left in Latvia. They are mostly assimilated by Latvians. Yet, some Liivs still know their language and today Mazirbe in Slitere National Park is their cultural heritage center. We’ll hike ca. 12 km (8 miles) on coastal pine forest trail, through fishermen villages and on the secluded wide sandy beach of the open Baltic Sea. Our Improv-travel guide will make this experience even more fun and engaging using some improvisation elements.
Tasting Latvian smoked fish (available in summer only)
In one of the fishermen villages on your way you will learn, how the traditional Latvian smoked flatfish (called “bute”) is being made. You will have a chance to buy and taste this traditional Latvian goody here. This activity is included in summer season only (from 1st May till 30 September)
Walk in "Blue Hills" - an ancient forest of Slitere National Park
After the coastal hike in Slitere National Park, we’ll explore an untouched ancient forest on the slopes of the “Blue Hills”. We’ll go for ca. one-hour walk on the boardwalk established in the wet forest locally called “Undžava”. It has stayed almost unchanged for thousands of years. You’ll see unique protected forest and bog habitats here. The nature trail is in the strict nature protection zone of the Slitere National Park and it’s amazing!
Visit Šlītere Lighthouse
By visiting Šlītere Lighthouse standing on to top of “blue Hills” you’ll see the vast forests of Slitere National Park and the Baltic Sea from the top of the lighthouse. The view is breathtaking.
Cape Kolka - The Place Between The Two Seas
We’ll end our trip by going to the amazing and scenic Kolka Cape. This is a unique place where the open Baltic Sea and Riga Bay meet. Sometimes the open Baltic Sea is stormy and Riga Bay is calm. Sometimes it’s vice versa. The waves coming from opposite directions often overlap and “delete” each other in Kolka Cape. Because of the autumn storms, the cost is ever-changing here and you might never see the same Kolka Cape again.
Transfer back to Riga
At the end of this long but memorable day we’ll bring you back from Slitere National Park to your hotel in Riga
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Pricing Chart

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One Person
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Entry fee in Šlītere Lighthouse
2 People
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Šlītere Lighthouse
3 People
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Šlītere Lighthouse
4 - 8 People
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Šlītere Lighthouse
Max 7 plus at least 1 adult
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Šlītere Lighthouse

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What's Included

What's Included: - Transfer from/to your hotel in Riga - Professional Eco-tour leader - Improv-travel tour (for 2 people and more) - Entry fee in Šlītere Lighthouse

What's Not Included

What's not included: - Food and drinks - Insurance - Any other items not mentioned as included above

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  • This trip is suitable for children of 7 years and older capable hiking the distances described in itinerary
  • Smoked fish costs 10-15 EUR per person and it is NOT INCLUDED (availability depending on the season). Please bring some cash!
  • Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for different weather conditions
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit and towel in case you plan taking this tour in summer
  • All our tours are small like-minded group adventures
  • All tours are narrated in English, Russian and/or Latvian. Please indicate your preferred langue in your booking!
  • Adult is 14 years and older
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  • For the groups with small children (under 7 years) please contact us for individual arrangement
  • If the group size exceeds the one you have paid for, the price difference will be reimbursed

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