NEW! Gauja National Park Ultimate Hiking & Sightseeing Trip

Gauja National Park Ultimate Hiking & Sightseeing Trip

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Gauja National Park: Hike The Most Beautiful Nature Trails & Explore Famous Cesis & Līgatne Towns In One Day

Hike the most beautiful nature trails in Gauja National Park and enjoy “forest bathing” – immersing yourself in the forest atmosphere and soaking it up through your senses to its fullest.

  • Enjoy wilderness in the most gorgeous forest hiking trails in the famous Gauja National Park;
  • Visit Cēsis Town and its famous medieval castle;
  • Discover some of the most impressive sandstone cliffs in Europe;
  • Explore the famous man-made caves in the sandstone cliffs and have a taste of local wine in Līgatne Town;
  • Soak-up nature at its purest. 

Cēsis and its surroundings are one of the most beautiful places to visit in Latvia. You get to know a lot about Latvian nature, culture, and history and will go some off-the-beaten-path as well.


Gauja National Park, Cēsis Town, Līgatne Town, Cēsis Medieval Castle

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Trip Itinerary

Meet your guide at your hotel in Riga in the morning and get ready for about one and a half-hour drive to Gauja National Park. Be ready for around 12-14 kilometers of hiking on hilly terrain during this unforgettable day.
Unforgettable Hiking in Gauja National Park
Start your adventure by hiking in some of the most beautiful nature trails in Gauja National Park. Explore pristine and unique forest habitats, fast-flowing salmon rivers, and enjoy “forest bathing” at its fullest. Some of the most beautiful nature trails in Gauja National Park are well hidden in the wilderness. We’ll bring you there. Get the utmost from this trip with our Improv-travel guide.
Explore Natural Beauty & Unique Man-Made Caves In Līgatne Town
Explore Ligatne – a small charming town hidden in the beautiful forests of Gauja National Park. Have a look at the beautiful scenery and some of the (more than 300) unique man-made caves made in the awesome sandstone cliffs. Get to know more about the history of this place and maybe have a taste of some local wines in the local winery.
Cesis: Explore Historic Old Town
Now it’s time to check out one of the most beautiful towns in Latvia – Cesis. Its history dates back to the 13th century and it is almost as old as Riga. Cēsis is both the historic and modern heart of Latvian culture. Stroll down the historic Old Cēsis Town, see its beautiful squares, St. John’s Church (built in the 13th century), the House of Harmony, House of Princesses, and other sightseeings. Feel the special charm and atmosphere of this town that is very different from more cosmopolitan Rīga.
Discover Cēsis Medieval Castle
Visit the famous Cēsis Medieval Castle. The castle was first built in 1218 and is still the best-preserved medieval castle in Latvia. Explore its beautiful park, dark medieval rooms, and corridors, and get to know more about its hard history turns.
Visit Awesome Gauja River
Walk along the beautiful riverbanks of the longest river in Latvia – Gauja. See the largest white sandstone cliff in Latvia (Sietiņiezis), and admire some of the most stunning natural landscapes of Gauja National Park. You will also soak up the fresh and healthy air of Western Taiga – pristine pine forest here.
Transfer back to Riga
Filled with a pack of new impressions and emotions get back to your hotel in Riga (or stay in Cēsis, Sigulda, or Līgatne towns for more adventures in Gauja National Park).
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One Person
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Entry fee in Cesis Castle
  • Local snacks
2 People
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Cesis Castle
  • Local snacks
3 - 4 People
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Cesis Castle
  • Local snacks
5 - 6 People
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Cesis Castle
  • Local snacks
7 - 8 People
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Cesis Castle
  • Local snacks
11 years and less
  • Transfer from/to Riga
  • Sightseeing
  • Professional Eco-tour leader
  • Improv-travel tour
  • Entry fee in Cesis Castle
  • Local snacks

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  • By booking this tour you agree with our General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please read them carefully before booking.
  • Additionally, you will receive your Day Tour Contract with us along with the booking confirmation.
  • Because of the shorter daylight hours and weather conditions during the winter months from 1 November till 31 January, this tour lasts approximately 8 hours;
  • Cēsis Medieval Castle is CLOSED on Mondays and Tuesdays during the time period from 1 September till 30 April and during the public holidays.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for different weather conditions
  • All our tours are small like-minded group adventures
  • All tours are narrated in English, Russian and Latvian. Yet we can also arrange French and Italian translation at an additional cost. Please indicate your preferred language in your booking
  • The adult for this trip is 18 years and older
  • There is max. 8 people and max. 7 children in the group. All the children must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.
  • For the groups with small children (under 7 years) please contact us for individual arrangements.

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DISCLAIMER: Hiking trails to be visited and actions to be taken may vary from tour to tour depending on the season, weather conditions, the availability of the attractions and our expanding creativity. We try to provide our guests with original experiences that may differ from the previous ones. We will inform you about availability of the standard attractions before your trip. If necessary, we always substitute actions with the same kind or similar actions, taking into account our guests’ wishes. We try to avoid mass tourism sports and peak timings as much as possible to provide our guests with the most authentic experiences possible.

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