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So far considering any tour connection in Latvia people often think about all three Baltic States combined in one trip. This is why Vilnius – Riga – Tallinn hopping trips with some other most famous sightseeing sites on the way had been a good option. This is an appealing alternative for those who want to see the best (mostly cultural) highlights of our region in one trip. Sometimes this kind of tour connection in the Baltic States is further extended to Finnish capital city Helsinki and/or Saint Petersburg in Russia.

Yet, what if I’ll say you shouldn’t stop at this. There are many new travel experiences to discover in Latvia regardless if you are an individual traveler or an international tour operator focusing on package tours, who works in the Baltic States.

The popularity of Latvia as a tourism destination is increasing rapidly. In 2018 the number of guests that visited Latvia increased by whopping 15% compared to the previous year.

Here is why you should consider a tour connection that includes activities in nature and adventure travel in Latvia (and also in any other Baltic State). This is where finding a professional local tour operator is essential both for individual travelers and for business-to-business partnership.

Gauja National Park _ Most Beautiful Hiking Trail _ idaadventures _ escaperies

Why Adventure Travel In Latvia?

Latvia is currently emerging as a new exciting adventure travel destination. It’s a Nothern nature gem standing in the middle of the three Baltic States. Latvia is a travel destination in Europe that offers amazing unspoiled nature, stunning sandy beaches, plenty of amazing hiking, kayaking/canoeing, biking, and other so-called soft adventure opportunities.

So far these great options have been overlooked by focussing on not less amazing Latvian capital city Riga and it’s surroundings. But not anymore. An average traveler to Latvia now wants to see more. Not to say that soft adventure travel becomes more and more popular in the world.Latvia kayaking idaadventures

“i-Dā” Adventures is the licensed local tour operator that focuses on soft (and not that soft) adventure travel experiences in Latvia. Hiking, kayaking/canoeing, biking, and other activities in nature are getting increasingly popular among locals. “i-Dā” Adventures experts have a huge international experience. Hence we go a step ahead and bring these experiences to our guests from Europe and all around the world. We provide business-to-client adventure travel services in Latvia and we are looking forward to expanding in the whole Baltic region. Yes, we are that ambitious.

We Know Nature – And We’ll Help You To Discover More Of It

Ecotourism, sustainable travel, and activities in nature become increasingly popular travel formats. People want to combine the “must see” places in the cities with something more natural – something that shows them the authentic “face” and spirit of the travel destination outside the capitals. Travelers also become more responsible and value sustainable travel services.

Nature and well-preserved Baltic traditions are where Latvia shines. Not many travelers have discovered this yet, but we are pretty sure Latvia is the next ecotourism hotspot in Northern Europe.

Latvia Travel idaadventures

Latvia travel nature idaadventures

“i-Dā” Adventures is the only local tour operator in Latvia that has ecotourism and nature conservation professionals on the board. Hence compared to other adventure travel companies our guides share the best first-hand knowledge about nature in Latvia. We are also ecotourism and nature conservation consultants. This is essential in providing the best sustainable travel services to our guests.

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The founder of “i-Dā” Adventures Rolands Ratfleders has 20 years of experience as a nature conservationist in many European countries. He is also a biologist. Now he wants to uncover the amazing nature of Latvia to its guests.

I know we can surprise nature lovers from all around the World. There is something very special about Latvian nature and traditions, and I want to show it to our guests. I believe that the best way to make people care about the environment and nature is to show them what we have and what we can lose if we don’t care, says Rolands.

Engagement Is The Key

You may have already noticed that “i-Dā” Adventures aims to be a different tour operator. So, how do we stand out more?

We are not only proud of what we can show to our guests. We are even more excited about HOW we do it. “i-Dā” Adventures is the first tour operator that includes improvisation elements into small group travel adventures.

We believe that you can enjoy travel only when you are truly engaged with what you see, what you do. But first of all, you have to be engaged with the people you are traveling with. That said you have to be on “the same wave”. Like in whatever you do in your life, in every travel experience, it is important that you are here and now enjoying it at its utmost.Gauja National Park _ idaadventures _ escaperies

Here’s is where our special improv-travel approach helps a lot. We do not have unsatisfied guests. Each of them leaves our tours happy and elevated even if physically tired a bit after some amazing activity in nature. This is our promise and we do our utmost to make it happen every single time. Try it with us! We value personal and very authentic approach.

We Speak Your Language

Communication in Engish is generally not a problem in big Latvian cities. Russian is also still widely spoken or at least understood. Yet the native language in Latvia is Latvian. It is not similar to any other language except Lithuanian. Hence there is almost no way you will understand it unless you have learned it.

Traveling outside the cities can still be a challenge for an individual traveler for several reasons. First, you have to plan carefully to travel around with public transport, and it’s mostly better to rent a car. Second, English is still not that fluent in rural areas. And third, Latvians are not big fans of noticeable road signs, especially in less popular (but not less beautiful) destinations. We think the sings spoil the beauty of our nature (which they do). But we are also pretty confident that everybody, who really wants it, will find us anyway. This is, of course, a wrong assumption.

This approach is also one of the reasons that still keep Latvia a well-hidden off-the-beaten-path destination.

Modern technologies and very affordable mobile data have made navigation in Latvia a much easier task to accomplish. Yet, they cannot replace the personal approach of a professional local guide. All “i-Dā” Adventures’ guides speak fluent English and we can ensure translation in most of the other big languages (French, Geman, Spanish and Italian), if necessary.

We Are Locals

Well, we are locals, and that should be enough of explanation. “i-Dā” Adventures shows Latvia from the locals’ perspective. We are proud of our country and we know how to get around here. It is important for us that you get the most authentic travel experiences in Latvia.

Go Authentic Places, Do Eye-opening Things and Meet Like-minded People!

We’ve all heard the famous travelers’ encouragement: “go places, do things and meet people”. In our globalized world, a modern traveler actually wants to go to authentic places, do eye-opening things and meet like-minded people.

We believe that all kinds of travel must satisfy our natural temptation for freedom. This is where our highly flexible travel approach comes in very handy. All “i-Dā” Adventure tours are adjustable according to the guests’ needs. Besides we offer flexibility both in our business-to-client and business-to-business relationships.

Even if we got to well-known destinations, we add something that is not available on standard offerers. Hence all our travel experiences and tour connections will give you something original and eye-opening.

Boglands boardwalk in Slitere National Park _ Escaperies

Get A New Tour Connection

In this fast world, it is important for us to plan our time efficiently. For those travelers going on vacations and holidays, good tour connections are crucial to combine the best “must see” experiences with something new and authentic.

“i-Dā” Adventures offers to add a great adventure and nature travel experience on top of any other tour in Latvia and the other Baltic States. We organize both convenient one-day tours and custom made adventures.

Individual Travel Plans

Not a fan of guided tours? No problem, “i-Dā” Adventures will prepare an individual travel plan just for your needs be you a holiday traveler, backpacker or business traveler. We’ll prepare an original travel plan with all the details you need to know about your trip.


There is a set of reasons why you should consider a travel experience that includes activities in nature and adventure travel in Latvia.

Latvia is still very much off-the-beaten-path travel destination in Europe. Yet, it hides amazing pristine nature, stunning sandy beaches and plenty of amazing soft adventure opportunities. You’ll find awesome hiking trails, beautiful rivers and lakes for kayaking/canoeing and other kinds of adventures here. It is not surprising that tourism growth in Latvia is one of the fastest in Europe.

The local tour operators play a significant role in providing sustainable, authentic and engaging travel experiences in any destination. Latvia is not an exception. Being an individual traveler you must look for one before or during your trip.

While for any European and international tour operator finding and working with a good and reliable local partner is the key to success. “i-Dā” Adventures is your most professional partner, if you are looking for combined adventure and ecotourism experiences in Latvia.


“i-Dā” Adventures offers professional guidance, ecotourism consultations and first-hand knowledge about nature and adventure travel in Latvia. CONTACT US, and we will customize the best authentic experience for you whether you are an individual traveler or a tour operator.


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